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Keys To Getting Sh*t Done

Yes, your shoes match your purse. That’s great, but do your actions match the way you dress? Put on a pair of heels, a nice blouse, some gorgeous pants and dress like your a boss, but if you don’t act like one you’ll never get the respect your looking for. The way you dress plays a HUGE role in the way people perceive you and I don’t want to under cut that because you only get one first impression with people so it’s always important to look your best. But coming to work dressed like you’re going to get sh*t done and actually getting sh*t done are two different things. Don’t stress though because we are here to help, with some quick keys to getting sh*t done in the work place.

  1. Confidence. They always say confidence is key and that’s so over used but its over used because its true. If you come to work and just let things happen you’ll never get promoted. Come to work and act like your going to take over the place and chances are you will. (Don’t forget there is a difference between confidence and arrogance, don’t get them confused. Be confident in ability’s you have)
  2. Have a good attitude and be able to take criticism. When people fail they will either work even harder or they will completely shut down. The people who shut down will never succeed. Take criticism and use it to grow and become better at what you do.
  3. Stay organized! I forgot, I don’t have it, I didn’t have time, no excuse is okay. They best way to stay organized is by using a planner. Personal I love Lilly Pulitzer, it has the best layout for my crazy schedule and it comes with stickers to use on the calendar so that’s a plus!
  4. Determination. No half a**ing thins. Find what you want and work you booty off to get it. If that’s waking up at 8am every day then do it. If that’s working the weekends then do it. In other words go get sh*t done!

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